Tuesday, January 17, 2017

tempo maintenance

Rain showers, mild and windy in Sewanee.   60º and occasional light rain.  Not used to early morning workouts, but time is tight as the semester has begun.
Hoka trainers on 
400m workout, stretches, drills 
3 x 300m w/ 2 min rest - 48, 49.5, 51.5 
3 x 200m w/ 1 min rest - 29, 31, 31.5
Not particularly fast, running into a stiff wind half the time and it started raining on the last 300m. Not a killer workout, but good (... 4x intervals with limited rest are 'killer').   A tad sore in the groin from speed work on Sunday and feeling a little weak this early in the morning.   May put the spikes on tomorrow and do a brief tech workout.

Finally, down to my race weight realm ... 143.2 lbs after workout.

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  1. Good session, William. Should give you confidence for racing. You will feel faster at that weight too.