Tuesday, January 3, 2017

speed work

Warmer today, so I did a quality workout... just three 90% effort long sprints.  56º damp and cloudy with a breeze at the Sewanee track.  I almost put the spikes on today but think I'll wait at least a week. I bought another pair of Hoka Clifton's ... my third, this the 3rd generation.   I've retired the Hoka Clifton 1's - a revolutionary shoe if there ever was one - to an everyday shoe, and what I wear to the gym.  Training now in the Clifton 2's and it would be nice to have a pair to alternate since they are starting to wear.   Also, very happy to replenish my supply of spike risers, a rare item to find.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
50m strider 
400m - 59 (27.5, 43) 
300m - 45.5 
200m - 27
I didn't take full rest between the 400 and 300 and really felt the pump in my hams and glutes.  However, fell short of my goal of 28/30 splits.  Ended up with 27.5/31.5.   My last two 100m splits were only 15.5 and 16.   Not where I want to be right now, however, it wasn't a full effort event run and I wasn't in spikes.  Any time I start a workout with a sub 60 400m, I need at least 30m rest to continue to run fast.  But I took about 13 min rest and my 300m wasn't real fast, although it really kicked my butt.  I finished with a brisk 200m, just a tad over 400m race speed.  It felt good.

I think I really need to refresh my concentration on form with some race pace 150m repeats in lane one to get ready to run the indoor oval.  I think I'll do one over distance, one tempo, one speed/form, and one event run workout a week.

Ate a little too close to workout time today, only 3 1/2 hrs before and was a bit heavy.  145.3 lbs after workout.

I'm registered for Daegu.  I used as seed times the times I ran in the USATF Indoor Masters Championship last March.

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