Saturday, January 21, 2017

Mixed tempo workout

Vanderbilt meet was a bust.  I ran a tight and slow 200m, poor time: 25.65.  Woke up thinking about scratching on the 400m, not feeling ready, foot a bit sore,  but I went anyway.  When I went to sign in, the sheets had already gone out, I missed it by 2 min and got scratched from the 400m.  Bummer.  I was there in time, warmed up and ready, just missed he cutoff reporting time.  Stupid.

So, I got back to Sewanee and made good use of the day.  After a fairly light week, I was determined to put some volume in today, as the weather was perfect... sunny and 60º.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 500m, 200m with 3 min rest - 88, 89, 31 
split 400m - 300m / 1 min rest / 100m - 44.5, 15 
150m strider
I guess it was for the best, to get a workout in instead of a race.  Not ready to bring my A game yet.  Now, I only have 2 possible race before Nationals:  in 2 weeks at MTSU on that weird hard 250m track, and the Sat. before Nationals... either on Sewanee's 160m track or drive 3 hrs to the Birmingham Crossplex.   Inclined to drive to the better track, but we'll see.

Looks like we may try to break our 4x200m M55 World Record again in NM.   Just hope Don will do it.

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