Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Light speed work

Much cooler than the last 2 workouts, 50º, cloudy and breezy at the MTSU track.   After working at the Sewanee track for most of the winter, it was nice to be on the firmer and more responsive Dean Hayes track.   Second workout in a consecutive day, since rain is forecast tomorrow and I will take a rest day before the meet.  I stayed in the Hoka trainers today to save my feet.

Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
80m strider 
split 400 - 300m - 41.8 / rest 1 min / 100m -14.5 
3 x 50m from blocks 
150m from blocks 
2 x 100m - 12.5, 12.8  (3 step flying start)

It felt ok.  The 300m wasn't a killer.  Still a slight amount of groin soreness from those first hard 150s in spikes on Sunday.

143.3 lbs after workout.

Vanderbilt Invitational
I'll be good to go for the meet.   I wish I were more prepared for this meet and it wasn't my first of the season.   It is the track of my masters 400m PR (55.11) that I ran 2 yrs ago here.  Last year I ran 55.97.   I'd be real happy to run that.   My 200m last year sucked, 25.36 ... so I hope to improve on that.  But my expectations are low since this is my first time out.  My first time out last year I ran 25.46 / 57.36 (on a slower track).  

Vanderbilt's 2 day format is rare in college meets.  The 200m is Friday evening and the 400m Sat noon.   Reminiscing about that day in Feb '15 I did all 3 sprints at Vandy... it was a good day... started with a 7.75 60m, then a 55.11 400m, then ... after sitting on a heat pad in the trainer's office, I went out and ran a 24.80 200m.  I think I'd rather do meets like this, in one day.

Predictably, I'm the slowest 200m guy, and the second slowest 400m guy on the start list.  I have lane 6 for the 200m, lane 5 for the 400m.  Too bad it's not a banked track.  I need to execute and not go out too fast like I did here last year.

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