Tuesday, May 15, 2012

weights, resistance

I need to not run every day.   5 days a week is plenty.

Today, I did weights at the MTSU Rec Center and my usual resistance bands and hops.  Was hoping to try out the new Pumas but they sent the wrong size.  The risers fit perfectly, and I got 48 new risers in today.  So, I should be set up for the rest of this season and next, assuming these Pumas work out ... and I think they will.


  1. What weight exercises are you doing at MTSU?

  2. Upper body - shoulder press, chest, rowing, pull down, flys.
    Lower body - glute machine, leg curl, foot cuff for quads.

    Been focusing on glutes and hams.

  3. I predict you will have to stop the upper body routine because of shoulder pain. joe