Monday, May 14, 2012

Home ... home again

'I like to be here, when I can' ... as the song goes.

Back 'home' at the Dean Hayes Track on a nice 68º evening.  It even showered lightly during warmups.

Foundation work again.  600's.   I didn't want to run so fast that I couldn't do a decent amount.  But looking at my times, they weren't much slower than 600s I'd done in the past.

400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
5 x 600m - 1:45, 1:48, 1:51, 1:54, 1:49 
5-6 min rest, 9 min before #5.
I set a goal of 70/34 = 1:44 (400/200). Didn't make it so I went to 1:48.   Last one I took more rest and made sure I ran a good last 100m.

A good sweaty workout but not as painful as yesterday, probably because I gave myself more recovery.

Ham is fine.  I should be able to run fast by weeks end.  Weight is a more resonable 142.8 after workout.

I went ahead and did it, ordered the Puma Bolt FAAS 007 LTDs for $109.  Should be here tomorrow. My second pair of Nike R3's are ripping from the eyelets.  I've punched new holes and can still use them but they are fragile.   I used them in 27 total races last year before they started to rip.  The newer pair, 31 races so far this year.  Thats not much use for a $100+ shoe to wear out.  By comparison, I have many times more mileage on my Saucony Showdown practice spikes.  They seem  really tough and very comfortable with no sign of wear.  I've used them in twice in races - the 800m last week and the 400m I ran on wood indoors.   The two big questions for the Pumas are: 1) how do they fit n' feel? and 2) will the risers fit?  I really think they will based on detailed photos.
AND... the good people at an unnamed retail outlet are sending me 3 packs (48) risers for free!  If these Pumas work, Nike can take a hike.

The spike receptical plates look identical: Puma and Nike.  I think the risers will work.
UPDATE:  Yes, the Nike risers fit the Pumas perfectly, as if they were made for the shoe.   The Puma spike plate looks suspiciously similar to the Nike plate, not exact but... probably all made in the same Chinese sweatshop.  Unfortunately, Running Warehouse sent the wrong size but they are making it right.   They are a super company to deal with.  Excellent policies and customer service - the best.  Already I can tell these shoes will be much more comfortable and sturdy than the Nikes.



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  1. "looking at my times, they weren't much slower than 600s I'd done in the past" that is because fitness does not decline much in 5 days. Besides the injury, any decline was mostly in your mind....