Friday, May 4, 2012

Maintenance workout

Felt flat today.  Everything seems perpetually sore.  I feel like I'm losing fitness.  Didn't feel like sprinting today, but with a vacation coming up and one week away from SE Masters, I had to do something.

Got out to the track late, about 10:15 am it was near 80º in blazing sun, but with a breeze.   Started running my warmup jog... feeling nearly crippled.  I decided to do even split 300s because I didn't want to run full speed like last night.

600m warmup, stretches, drills
4 x 300m - 44.5, 45, 44, 45.5      ~3-4 min rest
200m strider - 29

I'm really glad to be home and on my cool paradise porch ... on my super comfy futon with fan blowing honeysuckle smelling air at me.    Vacation time.  Time for an iced tea and to uncover the pool.

Junk meet tomorrow morning then off to Vegas tomorrow eve.  I might run the 800m if there is time.

UPDATE on SE Masters:
Today is the registration deadline.
My age group looks thin but the M45 age group is packed with super fast soon-to-be M50 guys like M. Shute - age 49 - who this season has run a 52.30 400m, and a 23.79 200m - indoors.  Well... so much for a chance at that age grade 400m award.


  1. forgot about your SE masters championship meet (with regard to previous post)

  2. And it was all going so well.... til now.