Tuesday, May 29, 2012

400s under a painted sky

Since I'll be running 4 consecutive days, and the fact that I hate pain, I'm dialing back the quantity this week.   This is Guitar Festival week and I'll be probably taking Thurs and Friday off, but ... I'd like to hit the stadium stairs possibly Friday morning.

Severe thunderstorms were approaching at 6:45pm tonight, about the time I start thinking about getting ready to leave for the track.  But, the line of storms parted, allowing a break to hit the track.   At sunset, it made for a spectacular sky, with sunset, lightning, and a rainbow, all at the same time.  There was a clear patch of blue sky over the track ... like being in the eye of a hurricane.

I did 3 x 400 - fast.  All about the same time but each one was progressively harder.
500m warmup, stretches, drills
Saucony spikes on
3 x 400m  - 59, 59, 59.5
blocks starts

I also did a few "Ape starts" from blocks.   Interested to see how this new technique works in competition.

I probably should do one set of resistance tonight as well.   Heavier than I'd like to be:  142.2 - after workout and before dinner.  I don't feel quite as fit as I did 6 weeks ago, and I'm a good 4 lbs heavier than last year at this time when I ran my PR 400m of last season, but I'm definitely more muscular.

I have the opportunity to race 3 weekends in a row beginning June 10.   Definitely will do the first 2, not sure about the 3rd.

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