Wednesday, May 23, 2012

New workout venue

With the State HS meet at MTSU for the next 4 days, I went a few miles further to Oakland HS to work out.  A track is a track, and this was better than most.  Nice to have a backup facility less than 5 miles away.

I don't know why but I felt shitty tonight.  Sickly, not much tolerance for pain.  Maybe due to that sweet yogurt w/ preserves and nuts for lunch, I don't know.  But it got better.

I started with a quick 400m, rested 3 1/2 min and did another.  The second felt bad, weak.   So, I rested and did 200s.   The first one cautious and the second one smokin'.  Then I did two more and started to feel shitty again after the 4th.  So, I did some block work.  It got cooler, I recovered and I finished with one more decent 400m.

600m warmup on grass, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
2 x 400m - 58.5, 65 
4 x 200m - 28, 26.5, 27, 27.5 
4 x 50m from blocks 
more blocks starts 
400m - 61.5
Weight - up from yesterday, 141.4 after workout.

I did several short blasts from the blocks besides the 50m sprints concentrating on the first few steps.  I think that the initial explosion and reaction speed are critical - and need more work if I will ever get faster in the 100m and 200m.   I think I may treat it as a plyo and do leaps from the blocks, responding to my beep timer.  One thing I was experimenting with ... and totally radical, was the arm position.   If I do not lock my elbows totally straight, I can actually use my arms to push off from the line and aid in the first step.  It always looked to me that Ben Johnson did that ...and he was the fastest starter in history, in many peoples' opinion.   The technique needs some practice and is worth a try.

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