Monday, May 21, 2012

Resistance/weights and a new meet possibility

I needed day off from running, so I did resistance today.   Butt busting, uppper body, and for the first time... direct core work.   My abs seem completely recovered from the pubalgia that prevented me from doing core work.  I have been getting plenty of peripheral core work from the floor work I've done, but now able to do hanging ab raises.   We'll see if I can continue this.  I think this glute work will pay dividends in the short sprints.   If I can get my starts happening and remain injury free, I still think I have a shot at a sub 12 100m.

New meet possibility
The NC State Meet - unlike TN, GA, AL - hold their Masters and Open events on a different day from the multitude of youth divisions.  It so happens Iska will be visiting her parents that weekend and the meetis just an hour from them.  So, I may go... and it's pretty soon: 2 weeks from this Sunday - June 10.

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