Sunday, January 8, 2012

Photos: getting smoked in the 200m (by a cheater)

My 200m heat from the Ed Temple meet. Coming round the last turn to home.

Hey, that guy cheated.

I win.

Check out the second photo, taken a few seconds previous to the top photo.

I'm in lane 2 and the leader is supposed to be in lane 3, but the photo catches him cheating.


The dude is clearly in my lane.

Despite his cheat, I did make up some ground on him on the turn. (Like he needed an advantage.... being 1/3 my age).

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  1. William- enjoyed finding your blog and some light reading. That dude in lane 2 (ET CLassic) was clueless, guess he closed his eyes. Enjoyed your blogs from the Nat's in OH also... so close to a medal...D.Wewetzer (53y.o. slow guy).