Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Back to square one

Did a mixed workout today of tempo endurance and a little speed. Beautiful day to run outside, sunny mid 50's. After running on the hard as rock indoor track, I welcomed the springy outdoor track.

800m warmup, stretches, drills

Adidas spikes on

Long sprints with 4 min rest between

3 x 600m - 1:46 (68/38)*, 1:54 (74/40), 2:06 (84/42) *400/200 splits

2 x 200m - 27.5, 28

100m - 13.5

I tried to run the 600s with good sprint form in spikes. I was able to except the last one where I came down on my heels a bit due to fatigue.

The 200s and 100 I tried to start at strider pace accelerating to nearly 100% for a moment on the straight keeping good form and good elevation.

Felt ok. All except the nagging shoulder which is a rotator cuff injury that will take time to heal.

The masochist I am, still considering a 55/200/400 triple this Sunday.

My weight is exceptionally good. 136.8 after workout.

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  1. Suggest you speak with Tom about the shoulder ... he might be able to offer some useful thoughts....