Wednesday, August 1, 2018

On the track, tempo

Back on the track in Sewanee, cooler, cloudy, upper 60ºs, great weather for training.  Off from the track for 4 days seemed like forever, but it's nice to be healthy and not hurting from some injury.  I slept unusually long last night, which was good.

I think I'm going to take a different tact on workouts until worlds.  I need quality speed work and to increase my top speed and speed reserve.  Looking toward competing in the 200, I need that acceleration and top speed.   I think I can accomplish more with less volume.

Today, I wanted to try a hard tempo set that David P., M55 WL had suggested.  I hope to try this workout once a week and perhaps improve as I'm not quite there yet.

He mentioned doing 2 x 300m at 46 with just 30 sec rest.  Pretty crazy.  I started with 45 sec rest but I made it hard on myself by running the first 300m in 44.5, so my second was in 48, still an avg of 46.25, which is on target.  Next time I try it, I'll reduce the rest by 5 sec.  It's a killer.  I told Jim C. about it and he said, it was "one of the worst things he's ever heard of in his life."  lol... well that's why David is a champion.  That's some serious suffering.  The reason it's so hard is that, if you're in shape, you don't feel the exhaustion of a 300m until 15-20 sec after you stop.  Then to immediately launch into another, that's some suffering.  He said he could do 2 sets in a workout.  I'm not there yet but maybe in a few weeks.

Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 300m w/ 45 sec rest - 44.5, 48 (46.25 avg) 
300m - 43 / 45 sec rest / 100m - 15
200m neg split - 27.5 (15, 12.5) 

I had actually planned on running a 200m after that 300m but bailed.  If I'm going to go on that little rest, I can't run my 300m in 43.  I have usually done it with twice as much rest - 90 sec and kept the speed at 42 - 43.   This is a killer and thanks to David for the suggestion.

I went to the weight room afterward for 2 brief sets of barbell cleans and jumps.

I need to respect my days off from the track and continue with the weights.

142.1 after workout.  Eating more, trying to get stronger.

Beautiful sunset tonight...


  1. Another speed/lactic session is 3 x 200m with 1 minute recovery between them. It keeps good quality speed, speed endurance and you learn what speed you are running eg. What effort it takes to run 28 second 200ms...

  2. I've done that workout a lot, more often 4 x 200m w/ 1 min rest at 30. But, I've come to realize less and faster is more.

  3. I told you that workout was killer! I REALLY don't like it, but it sure helps! As you learned, you MUST stay on pace, as going to fast on your first one makes it nearly impossible to get the second one in at the right pace. I've been there and done that! When I got to the point where I made it through the first set and had a full recovery (30 min), and was able to do the second set, even though I was off a few seconds on the last 300, it was a tremendous boost in confidence to complete that workout! Heads up: you will not feel like you have totally recovered when it comes time to do the second one, but it is possible...eventually lol.

    I didn't register for worlds before the deadline, for a couple of reasons, and of course, circumstances have changed, and I could have gone after all! *sigh* I'm glad to see you're fully recovered from your injury and I'll be watching your progress. Best of luck!

    1. David, I'd like to stay in touch with you. Could please send me an email because I changed computers and no longer have your email. Thanks.