Wednesday, August 29, 2018

50s, 150s, 200

Not used to working out in the morning in the blazing sun.  Low 80ºs, humid, heat index upper 80ºs, felt warmer but this is what Malaga will be like.

Started of with 50s, 2 step flying start, each one a little better form and faster.

 Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
4 x 50m w/2 step flying start - 6.56, 6.40, 6.31, 6.14 
50m from 3 pt stance - 6.62
200m - 27.5 
2 x 150m w/ 30 sec rest - 21, 21

This was a relatively light workout, left feeling good like I should have done more.  Was planning to do 3 x 150 w/ 30 sec rest but miss measured the first one and ended up running a 200m (was running the track opposite way - reason for the confusion). 

The last 50m was certainly in PR territory, one of my fastest in training shoes.  I find I run faster when I think about streamlining my form. 

Heavy this morning, woke up at nearly 146.  144 lbs after workout.  Still need to shed a lb or 2.

Three workouts left.  Feet feel better, maybe get the spikes on once before I leave. 

Astonishingly, no venue in Spain including the athlete's village will have wifi, only at my hotel.  No streaming video of events either.   That sucks.

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