Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Carrying on, weights, rest

I got back from Nationals on Sunday, decided to hit the weight room Sunday night.  I did some cleans with barbells w/ 115 lbs and 3 sets of squat jumps, some with weights.   Having never done any barbell work before, I was sore afterward, especially in the traps and shoulders. 

Monday, I spent 3+ hours loading, moving, and stacking/splitting firewood.  I was tired and still sore.  So, today, I'm taking completely off.  I expect to return to the track tomorrow.  It'll be 4 days off from running, and I needed it.

I was not well trained for Nationals, and had done no short stuff or much of a taper down.  I think all those hills and stadium stairs, I may have over trained a bit.   One thing is for sure, I'm not recovering from workouts as easily as I once did. 

I was actually quite embarrassed with my race. Having won Nationals 5 times and recently won a World indoor title and a Silver, I noticed the staff photographers focusing on me as I got into the blocks.  Afterwards, I felt like I hadn't spent all I had on the race, wasn't as tired as usual, maybe just running gingerly still.  I mean there is no way I ever could have won against David, having never run under 55 (55.1 - three times), but I should have managed a medal.   I watched in envy some of my colleagues having the meet of their lives, particularly Alan, Roxanne, and Val.   Alan is now the fastest M55 in the world, faster than Willie Gault.  Roxanne was at PR levels in all her 3 sprints, won 2 Gold and a Silver.  Val just missed a AR in the M60 100m. 

I did register for that tiny Masters meet in Orlando in Aug.   What if I don't improve by then, should I still go?  I guess so, it's about the journey.  I just need to set more modest goals, like just making the final.  Hoping to complete all rounds without injury and running a few relays. 

Looking forward toward the end of my M55s, I think I may go to Poland, but beyond that, not sure.  Next year will be my M59 year for outdoor season.  It's the next year I really want to aim for so I may just end my competition season after indoor next yr.  I also would like to try long jump and work on my 100m/200m race.   The next peak I want to aim for is the 2020 outdoor and 2021 indoor seasons.  It's really not that far away.   I think with a fresh approach and some intelligent training, I'd like to be at the level to be in World medal contention during that first M60 season for me.  Since I've always run faster indoors (3 of my top four 400m times), I'd like to think I have an outside chance to approach the M60 indoor 400m WR of 55.62.  But that is a long ways away.  My first indoor meets would be Dec 2020, more than 2 yrs away. 

It's really hard to be consistent and maintain speed through the years and stay uninjured.  I remember Gerhard who in his first M60 meet had the meet of his life in Perth, running 55.05, and 24.66 ... a 400m time that would have won M55.  Then, he just disappeared.  Haven't seen any results from him in more than a year.  I guess that is the nature of the sport.  Even in the pro ranks.  I remember sprinters who were expected to be dominant on the scene just disappear, like Marvin Bracy and Trayvon Bromell.  Anyway, I guess rest days and maintaining general health and strength when not on the track becomes more important as we age if we are to maintain our competitive edge. 


  1. Have you ever considered a paid trainer? Might offer some new insight. A totally objective perspective could be enlightening. Agree, you certainly do understand sprinting more than 99.9% of the population yourself and would be a an invaluable trainer to others. Never know what that additional 0.1% could offer though.

    Or, maybe splurge on a pair of Nike Zoom Vaporflys - the psychological afterthought that you spent so much on shoes might be a interesting race incentive...:) .

  2. I was thinking that exact thought tonight, hiring a strength coach. Will look into that in the off season. It's hard to find trainers that have specific experience with masters sprinters.