Thursday, August 23, 2018

300, 200, 3 x 100 - race pace

Yet another beautiful day in Sewanee, the humidity is gone and the nights getting into the 50ºs.  It was mid 70ºs when I got to the track and 69º when I left.  I ran warmups with sun at my back so I could watch my form in the shadow.

Happy to be confident to run full speed without any issues.  Last night in the weight room I identified a weakness in my hip flexor and I 'fixed it' with some cable resistance exercises.  Felt fine today, although my times were about a step short of where I'd like to be and should be right now.  Instead of pacing my 300m with beeps at every 100m, I just ran it and timed it.  The 300 and 200 were 2 step flying starts; the 100s were from 3 pt stance.  I guess these times were ok for now ... in training shoes.
Hoka trainers on 
2 x 100m, 4 x 50m, stretches, drills 
300m - 40.75 
200m - 25.46 
3 x 100m on the turn from 3pt stance - 12.96, 12.78, 12.95
Although anything under 41 in a 300m is good for training shoes, I felt my pace was too fast and I surely would have rigged in the end.  I felt my form coming apart a bit on the turn at 250, so ... it looks like I'm still in 56-57ish shape.   I didn't feel I executed the 300 very well, more relaxation needed and better form on the turn. 

I need to start tapering down but I feel maybe 2 more tempo endurance sessions, then just race modeling, and maybe a few light and easy sessions.  My feet are certainly hurting but no more than normal.  No spikes for 11+ days now.   If I keep to the every other day schedule, I have 6 workouts left.  Would like to put the spikes on to work on some starts, maybe a time trial.  

144.3 lbs after workout.  Need to drop a few, which won't be hard.  

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