Wednesday, August 15, 2018

250, 200, 100s / video

Warm in Sewanee, upper 70ºs, calm winds.  Feeling a little beat up from the last 2 training sessions so I didn't run anything past 250.  But, I got a new pair of Clifton 3s which really helped my feet.  Love these shoes and they are becoming rare now that the Clifton 5 is out, I bought 2 pair at $73 each, almost half the price of new. 
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 100m - 13.96, 13.09 
2 x blocks starts 
200m (from blocks beep start) - 25.9 
250m (3 step flying start) - 32.87 
3 x 100m (3pt start) - 13.21, 13.06, 12.67
The 200m was an honest event run, about 400m race pace, reacting to a beep start.  Maybe a tad fast considering under 26 in trainers.   I was really working on form during the last 3 100s.  They felt good, running in near darkness, I found that when I made a conscious effort to align my stride, I covered more ground with less effort.  I need to do some form work every workout.  Went to the weight room for some prehab afterward.  Tomorrow off, massage, and then hard tempo on Friday.  I leave for Spain 3 weeks from today. 

Weight up a bit after big meal last night - 143.4 lbs

Classic rig up - what every 400m runner dreads, a great first 300m, then rigging up hard in the end and losing big time.  This is the Final of the NACAC Championships, check out Trinidad's Taplin in lane 5.  He looks great for 300m, takes a commanding lead, then starts to flail badly in the last 100m and ends up last. One of the worst rig ups I've seen in an elite meet.   Every 400m runner has made this mistake before and it's a horrible feeling.   By the 200m mark, he is 15m ahead of the guy in lane 4, who sticks to his race plan, and eventually passes him to finished second. 

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