Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Tempo 300s, 400 neg split

Perfect evening, track to myself, mid 70ºs light breeze, cloudy.  At this point in the season, upon running my first warmups, it felt pretty bad, but it got better.  Wanted to do event runs today but I knew that I should do a dreaded tempo endurance set and something long.  Also, didn't want to run all out repeats to prevent injury, although I felt fine today. 
Hoka trainers on 
4 x 100m striders, stretches, drills 
2 x 50m (2 step flying start) - 7.12, 6.56 
2 x 300m w/ 30 sec rest - 45.5, 47 (46.25 avg) 
2 x 50m (3pt start) - 7.10, 6.65 
400m (neg split) - 58.4 (29.4, 29)
I was happy to get this one in.  Before starting on the dreaded 2 x 300 w/ 30 sec, I thought, 'this is the right time to do this and the suffering is so brief.  It's over in 2 min, and it really doesn't hurt til near the end.' 

Before and in between sets of long sprints, I did some short sprints 2 x 2 x 50.  First easy then second fast.  First set 2 step flying start, second from a 3 point stance start.  I really got out well on the last one.  The 400m went much better and was easier than the 60.3 that I ran 2 days ago.  Running 58 in training shoes is good after 800m of sprints.

It's really great running with new Hokas, the traction and bounce feels great. 

Going to lose a few pounds before I leave.  143.5 lbs after workout, but I was 145+ before and 147.5 before bed, so I can reduce a bit. 

Alan is out with a ham, but Rob and Don are in shape, they've run 24.6 and 24.7 this month.  So both are in the running for medals in the 200m.   

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