Sunday, August 19, 2018

400, 300, 60s

Warm and humid at the Marist track.  Today was supposed to be a max velocity day but I played it safe after feeling a little soreness in my hip flexor.  I did get a few block starts and a fast 60m then I shut it down on my 3rd one decided to do some long sprints in order to get a workout in.
Hoka trainers on 
4 x 100m striders, stretches, drills, eccentric ham resistance exercises with bands 
2 x 60m with 2 step flying start - 8.09, 7.65 
3 x block starts 
400m - 60.3 
300m - 42.8
The second 60m - even though a 2 step flying start, did exceed my 60m PR slightly and I feel it wasn't 100%, so that's good for training shoes.  When I went to try one out of the blocks I thought I might have felt something in my hip flexor about 30m out, so I shut it down.   Then ran a few swift long sprints at 85-90% effort, concentrating on form, no problems.   I don't really think I'm capable of a sub 56... or maybe even a sub 57.  But, we'll see. 

Going to rest and do some prehab before the next workout.  Need to be cautious.  I got a little spooked today after Alan, the fastest 100/200 M55 guy in the world told me he severely ripped a ham in training and is out for Spain.  Bummer.  That opens the door for Don to maybe win another, and he seems to be healthy, running 24.6 last weekend. 

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