Saturday, April 16, 2016

Sewanee Mt. Laurel - meet report

My hometown meet, and I had good time.  I just ran the 200m and wasn't expecting much, but it was about what I have been running and good for this track.  Nice weather, 60º and calm winds by race time.


Can't seem to shake the "25.1s" ...  25.17 / 25.12 / 25.18  so far outdoors this season.  Not bad for this track, considering it's just a tenth slower than I ran in the World 200m finals.  I think I'll work on my 200 race for a while, maybe run a 100 too.  Besides the normal minor aches, no strains or issues.  I think I could run a decent 100m without much risk at this point.

The lighting on the track is kind of fun, we start the 200 in the dark and 'run to the light.'  These low light vid stills kind of look like paintings.

running the turn in the dark

Got a real good start and ran a decent turn from lane 6, passed one guy and entered the straight in 4th of 6 in my heat.   I felt good except a little tightness in the last few strides.  A guy passed me at the end and I beat one guy in my heat, finished ahead of 4 overall.  19th of 23.
Coming into the straight under the lights and setting sun (in yellow - 4th)

I took off Wed and Thurs, will probably take off Sat. and Sun. as I give my body some rest.  It's peak wildflower season so I'll do some hiking. Running and training for the 200m is less hard on the body than the volume required for the 400m.    This may be my last college meet of the season.  I may race April 30 and/or May 7, but May meets after that are slim pickins.  Not til State Assoc meets in June will it pick up again.   

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