Wednesday, April 6, 2016

300m event runs / turn running

Getting the bad news that I'll be in lane one for the 400m in Saturdays meet, I hit the MTSU track on a blustery day, 62º, mostly cloudy with a persistent stiff wind.   Not the best day to try to get some precise splits with the wind.  Did all my work in lane one.

Saucony trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
50m strider 
Puma spikes on 
2 x 300m event runs from blocks - 40.5, 40.2 
2 x 100m from blocks 400m start - 13.3, 13 
2 x starts

Felt pretty good but my splits were affected by the wind, couldn't get that first 100m in lane one done in 13 sec. with the headwind, was a step behind.   Overall, it went well considering how well I felt at the end of the 300s, not totally spent.  It is a bit harder to maintain form on the last turn in lane one and hard on the adductors.  My groin was feelin' it.  Both 300s came in just short of 26 at the 200m mark, probably about 26.2 or so.   For further 'lane one practice,' I ran 2 x 100m on the turn, finally got one in 13.

The biggest thing I've learned this week is to 'stride it out' on that last turn and hold form, try to keep long strides and relax.   On most modern wide radius tracks like MTSU, the final straight is 84m  (unlike Sewanee's that is 100m).

Berry College Meet

This Saturday's meet is poorly seeded.   They threw out all seed times for unattached (of which there are many) and entered them at random (as 'NT').  They gave the college guys the best lanes in my heat, which is a mix of unattached and slow college guys.   I looked up the unattached guys.   So ... we have a guy in lane 8 who has run 47, and the 2 slowest college guys in the field in the prime lanes, 4 and 5, who are seeded at 58.8 and 60..  Disappointing!  I've raced in 50+ college meets in the past 5 yrs and this is the first time my seed time (and all of the other unattached) was not accepted.  What was meet director thinking?  The guy who will win my heat might be 80+m ahead of the slow guys.  Nice race.

Well, at least I don't get passed and I have a couple 'joggers' to chase down in front of me.   In '14, I ran 55.93 at Bellarmine U. from lane one, one of my best races that year.   My goal is to best my season opener of 55.72.  Just need to hug that rail.    If I choose to stay for the 200m, I have lane 5.   Better.

142.0 lbs after workout.

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