Thursday, April 28, 2016

300s / 200

Decided not to race Saturday.  Nothing to gain ...  a busy long kids meet on a 6 lane black HS track.   I decided immediately after a few hundred meters of my warmup lap in today's workout, not feeling like it.  After 2 days off the track, still a bit achy in the feet and a bit in the hips from 2 consecutive days with spikes on Sunday and Monday, even with Tues and Wed off.  Felt better though after my first interval.

A super quiet windless evening at Sewanee, 74º dry, perfect except a lot of pollen in the air.  I tried my new larger Saucony Triumphs with 3 pair cushion socks.  I'll use this configuration for volume workouts to come.  The new Triumphs have a different sole.  Not any softer than the previous version but perhaps a bit more responsive.  May be ready to try some others.
Saucony trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills  
300m - 45.5 
400m - 60.5 
300m - 45
Did these at a brisk pace with full rest between.  Wanted to feel a little pain, not too much.  Not in completely bad shape to run an even split 60 sec 400m in trainers.  I'll keep at it for another week and make the call whether to race at Emory on May 7 at the last minute.  Again, skeptical I can do anything worth posting in the rankings.  So, I'm also thinking I should listen to my body and stop now and take more time to recover before the hard push to Nationals.  May 7 is my last chance to log a 100m this season as I wouldn't risk it close to Nationals.  I want to be relatively painless when I start my cycle and push toward June meets and Nationals, and a return to 400m racing.

Weight is still too high to be racing.  About 145 after workout.  I feel a bit soft, although have been eating well, salads and protein... some nuts and chocolate.

Cleaned up the new Saucony Triumphs, sending them back.  Going to try the Hoka Clifton 1, very light and very cushioned.  Super reviews.

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