Saturday, April 9, 2016

Berry College - meet report

Shouldn't have run the 400m.  Tried an experiment and it failed miserably.   Tried going out really easy and running somewhere close to even splits.   Didn't work.  57.56   My first 200m was slow but a wicked headwind made it even slower.  I probably ran it in close to 28.

I ran an OK 200m, 25.12,  just slightly slower than I ran in France.   Wind reading was zero but we definitely had a headwind at the start, unfortunately the head wind ceased to be a tail wind as soon as we turned the corner.

I wish I had done what I had planned, just run the 200m, I hate running the 400m in high winds.  I might've got under 25.  It was a workout and, combined with yesterday's fall on my back that deprived me of sleep... I'm tired and have a sore neck.

The meet was pretty much a bust, but I did meet the local coach who is committed to having masters and unattached in future meets.   Too bad it was so windy today for the 400m.   Wasn't feelin' it.

200m race - Berry College

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