Sunday, April 24, 2016

200s / 300

The level of quad soreness from the stairs on Friday was unexpected.  My quads, and to a lesser extent, my calves are still quite sore.  Thinking a brief workout would help the lactic build up, I hit the track this evening for a brief workout.  Just before sunset, it was an amazingly beautiful evening.  72º and dry under a setting sun and almost calm winds.  The Sewanee track was a 'ghost ship' as usual.  All the hurdles are put away, the college team ended it's season yesterday.  Glad to see Sewanee soph Davis win conference in the 400m H... by 0.001.
Saucony trainers on 
420m warmup, stretches, drills 
3 x 200m w/ 1 min rest - 29, 29.5, 31 
300m - 43
Felt OK.  Can really feel the quad soreness when doing butt kicks, but notsomuch in the powerstroke of sprinting.  Stairs seems to get some muscle group on the outside of the quads that is not 'got' by my lifting and sprinting.  Probably stabilizing muscle groups.   Will definitely return to the stairs after I take my break in May.

Still planning to race a 100/200 double the next 2 weekends if all feels well.   Then, I'm going to take at least a week off to rest before an 8 week cycle leading to Masters Nationals.  I hope to race some 400s again in mid June.  Hard to stay away from the track when the weather is beautiful.  I may go out tomorrow for some block work and short stuff.   I ordered another pair of Triumph iso 2 training shoes a half size big and E width that will allow me to wear multiple pairs of cushion socks in anticipation of the foundation volume I'll be doing at the beginning of my training cycle in May.  Long to short.


  1. Watch yourself in those Saucony ISO Triumphs - can't speak to the model 2's, but pretty sure I got "too comfortable" in the (overly cushioned?) base model which led to some achilles issues. They were great for a short while, but a hundred-ish miles in, they just lost their form/support. Eyes open, that's all.

  2. The Triumph Iso 2 is a really cushy shoe, Runners World 'editor's choice award 3/15. I wore out one pair in about 7 months, using it exclusively on the track. Sprinters always wear out the outside forefoot, while the heel will look new. It has a nice wide forefoot and good cushioning on the outside. I think with a second pair big enough to accommodate three pair of cushion socks, it will save my foot joints. I've already seen an improvement in my foot issue since I got this new pair 6 weeks ago. Alternating shoes will help. No way would I wear them for 100 miles.