Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stair morning

Thursday is my stair sprint day at Johnny "Red" Floyd stadium at MTSU ... ("Johnny Red" ... a name that seems appropriate for Murfreesboro).  It was a crispy 29ยบ but no wind and bright sun, it soon felt warmer on the sunny side of the stadium.

This time I invented a method of counting my reps.   I used my gloves, peeling back a finger after every flight.
2 lap warmup, stretches, drills 
stadium stairs  x 26
Still feels early in the season and haven't run fast yet.  I think the last time I ran a sub 60 400m was late September.  With the first meet just 9 days away, I need to run fast the next time out.  Perhaps start the workout with a 400m event run and then a few fast 200s at race pace.  

I did resistance yesterday and going to yoga with Sarah tomorrow.   Sunday in Sewanee should be a speed workout.   I probably should bring my blocks.  School is about over for the year, just one more week.  For me, today, Tues, Wed, and Fri ... then off til Jan. 17.   Thursday, I'll go to the Murphy Center and try to get some starts with the team.

Loooks like mild weather for the next week, good for running fast.

Still about 2 lbs over race weight, about 141.4 after workout.  Ankle still a little achy but fine.  Lingering tightness in my left hip.  No sign of knee pain and all issues are minor.

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