Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Freezing Sewanee morning

It was sunny, a cold, 28º with a wind.   I got to the Sewanee Coughlin track at 7:10 am and did a long warmup.   Half the track was in sun, so I went to that side to do my stretching and drills.   It would have been much warmer if the wind wasn't blowing.  I still ran in short tights and a long sleeve technical shirt with gloves.

I set modest 100m split goals and came up just a few seconds short on each.  Goals were 600m - 18sec/100m, 500m -17, 400m -16, 300m -15.

1000m warmup, stretches, drills 
saucony spikes on 
600m - 1:51 
500m - 87 
400m - 65.5 
300m - 46.5

Not very fast, I know.  Maybe just not mentally tough enough to push it hard yet.  Plus, the conditions, high winds, cold... combined with eating and drinking more this weekend.  My strength training has been deficient and I will do resistance tomorrow and be on the stairs Thurs.  Hard to believe the first meet is just 3+ weeks away and I haven't really done any meaningful speed work.

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