Monday, November 26, 2012

Indoor Schedule

Too bad for poor meet planning resulting in schedule conflicts.  For example: TSU, Sewanee, and MTSU all have a meet on 2/2/13.  Wish there was more going on in Jan and March.

Here is my tentative indoor meet schedule:

12/8 - MTSU 
1/5 - TSU 
2/2 - TSU or Sewanee 
2/9 - MTSU 
2/16 - Sewanee 
3/22-24 - Landover, Maryland: Masters Nationals (?)

I think that is enough.  Doing 3 weekends in a row in Feb. will be a challenge if all of them include the 400m.  I could see if there is something in KY in March but I definitely won't ever run on those chewed up boards at Broadbent Arena again at the Mason Dixon meet.   Maybe they'll find a better venue.

We'll see if I feel compelled to defend my 400m Indoor National Championship.  Probably will be expensive.


  1. If you're healthy, you definitely should!!

  2. Bill, I don't think Landover will be too expensive if you fly into Washington Dulles, take a hotel/inn in Virginia, then drive up to Landover.

    Peter T.

    Hope to see you there. The track, of course, is flat, as our 2015 indoors in Winston-Salem will be. Boston 2014 has a modestly banked track.