Sunday, November 4, 2012

Back home in Sewanee

Back at the University's Coughlin Track in Sewanee.

 I like training here better than at St. Andrews.  It's a bit softer track.

Hazy sunshine and variable cloudiness, it was in the upper 40ºs ... good training weather.

Today felt better, even though it was hard for me to get to the track.  Glad clocks went back an hour today, although I don't welcome the early sunset.

I had to take the liberty to remove benches and tables and bunch of other stuff in lane one of the track.

I did a combo workout, some foundation and some speed.

600m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
2 x 800m - 2:42, 2:45  
2 x 400m - 64, 65
400m walk in between

I really felt the pump after those 400s.  I can't believe the season starts 4 weeks from Sat.  It's just a tuneup meet and I'd be happy to run 58.  I'll probably only run the 400m.

Legs feel fine, a little left hip soreness.  I need to get a strength wotkout in.  I may do track Wed, and stadium stairs Thurs.

Most, but not all of my work on the new place is done, always stuff to do.  I wish my hands felt as good as my legs.

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  1. " I wish my hands felt as good as my legs."

    Remember, you're a guitarist-educator first and a handyman-trackster second!!!! Take care of those hands and arms!!