Monday, July 30, 2012

Last Sewanee workout

Nice cool morning in Sewanee, upper 60sº at 5:05 am.

Didn't want to take any risks today but wanted to do one 300 event run at race pace.  My goal was about 13/13/14 splits = 40 sec. 300m.  I was just a tad over 26 at 200m, call it 26.25, and somewhere around 40.75 at 300m.  More fatigue than I felt last workout when I ran a 27 sec. first 200m.  I estimate I had a 15 sec last 100m in me at that point, so that was about 55.75 pace, same as yesterday.   Ran everything from blocks.

Overall, didn't feel quite as sharp as my last workout.   Maybe the lack of quantity is catching up with me?  Maybe I'll run a 500 tomorow night.  Probably best to taper.
800m warmup, stretches, drills 
Puma spikes on 
300m - 40.5 
3 x 200m - 26.5, 26.5, 26.5
The 200s were about 400m race pace or a little faster.   Took aggressive starts and floated, picking it up in the last 50m.  Still gun shy of doing an all out fresh 200m.   No strains so I should be ok.

I probably shouldn't have been wearing my Pumas so much in training because they are starting to wear.  I'm afraid a few of the spike hole threads might be getting stripped so to be safe, I reluctantly bought another pair for the meet, this time, the new generation which are essentially the same shoe and spike plate ... but actually look a bit better.

The Puma Bolt evo Speed Sprint LTD:

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