Saturday, July 28, 2012

Decision on Nationals: 400/200 double, maybe the 4x400

After much consideration, I've decided to stay for the entire Masters Nationals.  

Despite the significant extra cost ($500+)....  I decided to end the season with a 400m/200m double and possibly a 4x400m relay with the Greater Phily Track Club.  

Unfortunately, the GPTC is a mixed bunch ... age 31 - 52, which means we will have to run in the M30 age group... which sucks, but what the hell.  If I survive two 200m races, I'll be happy to run one more 400m.  Too bad we couldn't get the same team we had at Penn.  We'd likely win M50 gold.  Silly that I have to run against M30 guys, but that may be the only option.

Knowing this is likely my last year of competitiveness in M50, I decided to run the 200m for fun, maybe a PR, even though a medal is highly unlikely.

Better to do it and try instead of wonder what I 'could have done.'  I have the time, the money, and the fitness.  There are a lot worse things I could spend my money on.  I have to look at this like it might be my last chance... you never know.

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