Tuesday, July 3, 2018

split 700, 300s, 200

Warm, around 80º with high humidity, heat index upper 80ºs at the Sewanee track.  I needed a hard one today.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
'split 700m' - 500m - 78.5 (61.5, 17) - 90 sec rest - 200m - 33
2 x 300m - 42, 42.2 
200m  - 27.5
The split 700m is always a bitch.  Especially when running a 78 sec 500m first.  I pretty much had very little to give on the 200m.  I took generous rest after the split 700 so I could get some quality 300s.  The split 700 was about the same in total to one I ran before Daegu, although today, a much faster 500 to start (78/33 vs 82/29).  After, to the weight room.  I've been doing ham and quad prehab everyday, a least one set.   

I feel like I'm past the hamstring issue and can start doing event runs soon, spikes, etc...  There is a meet on July 15 that I was going to run an 800m in.  I'm thinking that maybe I should run a 400m to see where I am.  I have over a week to decide.  

I left the track tired but feeling physically ok.  Feet are ok, ham ok, a little soreness in my L quad but it's good.  I knocked out that chest cold with some EmergenC+ powder (love that stuff!) and a gallon of orange juice - consumed in 3 days.  Also, I felt a bit too light and have been eating a bit more.  Weighed 141 lbs after workout.  Yesterday, I ate a lot so I ate my main meal today at 9:30 pm after workout. 

Some are complaining that turnout is low at Nationals.  Not in the M55 400, there are 15 ... that is more than last year at LSU.  I expect there will be semis ... which kind of sucks because I get in around midnight the night before the prelim round.  Then again, there were 16 signed up in '16, but half didn't show and we ran one round.  

World Championship deadline is in 8 days, and it looks to be as big as Lyon.  Even more competitive.  40 signed up so far in the 400m, that may double in the next week.  There will be several guys seeded in the 55s and lower.  It will be tough to make the final, let alone get on the medal stand.  

I probably shouldn't go out tomorrow, but we'll see.  I need to train as well as I can, but not necessarily as much as possible. 

I've purchased 2 excellent reference books on sprinting, I may do a review sometime: 


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