Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Game plan

Still feeling the injury, it's better but not improving as quickly as I'd like.  I took the advice of my brother and decided to completely eliminate running for 2 days, but I continued to cross train hard, in an effort to retain what fitness I have.  Past 2 days I've biked, including the huge climb up Roarke's Cove Road, done Stairmaster, sprint intervals on the stationary bike, and weights focusing on adds, abds, abbs, hips, hams, and quads.

I was really on a roll in June, doing hard workouts and running decent times til the ham injury on June 15, then just as I was stepping it back up to full speed, this strange hip flexor hit on July 5.  I think it's going to be at least another 10 days before I'm 100% which would give me just enough time to compete at Nationals.  I'd say my chances are better than even, but to bring my A game, less than even.  Over all, chances of racing probably 50%.

Today, I can still feel it, although it is better, I will go to the track and warm up and do the same hill regime of steep 200m repeats.  Tomorrow, at MTSU, stadium stairs.  Hopefully by the end of the week, 800s.  A reinjury at this point, I'm definitely out of Nationals, and will be hampered in preparing for Worlds which is still 9 weeks away.

I was really distressed about this situation for a while but I'm just taking it in stride now, playing more guitar, enjoying the last 1/3rd of my summer vacation that is really flying by.

Today is registration day for worlds.  Corey and Marcus have signed up, both seeding themselves in the 54s.   Surprisingly, Don M. signed up for the 400m as well.  Strangely, Benoit has yet to enter, maybe waiting til the last minute.  This meet looks huge, every bit as big as Lyon with 70+ in the 400m, and 80+ in the 200m.  About 30 different nations represented in the M55 200m.  There are over 100 competitors in the M50 200m event!

I just registered.  $141.00.  Non refundable.

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