Monday, July 23, 2018

taper workout

71º and calm winds in Sewanee on a moist track.  My feet were sore this morning and a little muscle soreness after yesterday's speed work, so I took it easy today.  Nothing very fast, a taper off workout.  No spikes or blocks, didn't want to take any chances this close to my race now that I'm finally healthy, and this being my 5th day on the track in 6 days.  

Hoka trainers on
800m run on grass, stretches, drills 
100m strider on grass 
200m (50m straight - 100m turn - 50m straight) - 27.8 
40 sec rest 
100m - 14.0 
bike ride

Felt fine.  Probably won't do much tomorrow either, just warm up and stretch, some strides on grass, an easy bike ride.  I leave Wed.  Prelims (maybe) Thurs.  Finals Friday.  Return very late Sat.

141.0 lbs after workout

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