Thursday, July 12, 2018

stadium stairs

At MTSU for a rare visit.  Mid 80ºs with a heat index of 90º.  Went to the stadium for some stair sprints.  This is a go to workout when I have a strain like the hip flexor I have now.  It is less range of movement and doesn't irritate the issue.
Hoka trainers on 
200m warmup, stretches 
30 stadium stair sprints

This equals the most I've ever done in a session.  If I'm not sore tomorrow, it means I'm n good shape.  Certainly light, 139.6 lbs after workout.

I may try an 800m tomorrow, maybe only one since these past 2 days were hard.

Malaga registration is closed.  82 400m entries in my age group.  World indoor champion Benoit Z. did not sign up.

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