Saturday, July 21, 2018

Speed test weekend - test #1

Perfect weather in Sewanee, 75º calm winds. 

This is a critical weekend - the weekend I decide whether to blow several hundred $ on a trip to USATF Nationals in 4 days.   It's pretty insane to think I'd be competing at Nationals having done zero full speed work for 5 weeks.  So, I was nervous before today's workout, afraid of the result and afraid of getting hurt, but I passed test #1 - fitness test.

The reason I was nervous about this one is because this is exactly what I was doing when I pulled my ham on June 15.   A near even split 400m... easy first 200 in 28, followed by a 200m in under 30 = 58 400m in training shoes.   I did it.  Although a few tenths short, it was ok.

Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup - 87, stretches, drills 
100m - 13.9, 13.1 
400m - 58.2, (28.5, 29.7) 
200m - 26.56  (~ 400m race pace)

I felt not full out on that 400m, was a bit spooked by doing that workout again, so I think I'm near the shape I was in when I injured myself.   Probably no better though.  Likely won't be running under 56 this week if I go. 

I was trying to simulate 400m race pace on my last 200m.   Came pretty close.

Tomorrow will be an event run in spikes and some block work.  It'll be the first full speed test.  I'll either try and run a 350m in under 48 or a 300m at 40.5.   I think I'll go to the new track at SAS and give it a whirl.  If I don't make my splits, I could try again on Monday night and make the decision then.  Better to test it now and identify an issue than have a problem in Spokane. 

I'm about 80% sure I'm going.  I'll probably not do much on Tues, travel Wed, prelims Thurs.  My toughest competitors are also running the 800m which is Thurs, 2 hrs before the 400m prelim.  Peter is definitely the man to beat, just moved up to M55 and logged a 2:10 800m, faster than world champion Benoit Z. this year.  Peter, Ray, McDuffry, and Tyrone are all capable of 56-57, and maybe more.  I'm hoping some of these 800m guys will scratch after their final, but I'm fine with running a prelim, I think it will help me.  The weather looks crazy.... 95º and sunny everyday.   Dry heat.

Took Friday off so my weight is up slightly, 140.8 lbs after workout.

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