Sunday, June 17, 2018

stairs, bike, resistance

Injury update:  not too bad.  I should be running in a few days, back to full speed training in 10-14 days.   There maybe a small amount of bruising but no serious tissue damage or tearing.  It's getting better by the hour and I'm doing a very active recovery regime.  Couldn't be that bad since the day after, yesterday, I rode 15 miles on the bike including some hill climbing.

My active recovery regime goes like this:  1) hot tub jets on the injury, 2) static stretching, 3) massage with Deep Blue ointment with hard stick, 4) workout including eccentric resistance.

Hoka trainers on 
light stretching 
seated leg curl 
leg extension 
glute ham raise 
glute machine 
20 x Fowler center stairs (23 steps) 
dynamic stretches 
several mile bike ride 

The stair running was a real good sweat.   Interesting that running stairs, even aggressively doesn't hurt at all, yet running on the flat still does a little. 

What I did today will probably be my regime for tomorrow too.  May try to run slowly Tue or Wed with a wrap.

141.3 lbs after workout.

Masters Rankings

I was hoping to post some better times and go after the 25 yr old TN state record in the 200m next weekend, but this injury screwed me out of the opportunity.  Now, the Europeans are having their National Championships and they are beginning to gear up for worlds, I expect my rankings to begin to sink.  Alan ran 24.1 in the 200m, the French Nat'l champ ran 24.88.  Looks like Benoit ran 57.02 winning the French Natl's in the 400m.  Waiting to see what the Brits and Germans do.

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