Wednesday, June 27, 2018

4,3,2,3,4 tempo ladder

It was an interesting day.  On the way to the track, I stopped at Carlos's art barn to see some friends and hear a poetry reading.  A severe storm hit and the hail was so loud on the metal roof that conversation was impossible.  After the rain slowed, I learned from a local teacher that the local SAS private school just had it's track resurfaced!  It is the closest track to my house.  As the rain slowed about 6:45 pm, I drove to the school to look at the new track.  I went out and took a photo in the light rain.  It is great!  Possibly faster than the college track, and it doesn't seem to hold water like the college track.   However, I still prefer the soft college track because of the surrounding trees, available bathrooms.  The SAS school is pretty exposed.  One of the highest points on the mountain, no trees near by and no bathrooms, no real shelter.  Still a viable option.  How lucky I am... to have 2 decent tracks within a few miles that almost no one ever uses.  I almost started my workout at SAS but it was still raining lightly and I was afraid of lightning.

I got to the Sewanee track as the rain stopped.  There were angry skies and thunder, like being in the eye of a hurricane.   I warmed up quickly and thought about doing one hard 800m blast at full effort in spikes to see what I could do.   But, instead I opted for the killer 1600m ladder workout.  Ladders going down are not anywhere as difficult as ending on an upward ladder, especially a limited rest tempo ladder.  That's why this one was a bitch.

Hoka trainers on 
380m warmup, stretches, drills 
400m - 64.5 
   5 min rest 
300m - 47.5 
   5 min rest 
200m - 29.5 
   5 min rest 
300m - 49.5 
   5 min rest 
400m - 70.5

5 min rest is fairly generous... until you get to the last 400m.  Then it is really a test to not bail on that last 400m.  It knocked me to my knees.  I've only done this workout once before, 2 years ago, and I ran almost identical times today.

Afterward I did one set of 3 ham rehab exercises.

Tomorrow, I'm supposed to get in the new generation of Altra Escalante 1.5s.  Dave M., who owns a shoe store recommended the Altra Duo.  I may send the Escalantes back because the Duo is better padded and probably a better upper.

Lately, been eating main meal about noonish and then light after workout.  Sometimes just a protein shake and some almond butter after workout.  Typical main meal is fish and kimchi.   139.9 lbs after workout.

In the eye of the hurricane...

SAS School ... New track!  

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