Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Back to the track, a little

Beautiful night on the Sewanee track, mid 70ºs clear.  I wanted to test out the legs, now 4 days after the ham injury.  I found it still wasn't ready to really run past a fast jog.  But, I got a decent workout in afterward on the stairs and weights.
Hoka trainers on 
250m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 50m 
400m fast jog 
seated leg curl 
glute ham raises 
21 x Fowler Center stairs 
At least I was able to get a good stretch in and a good sweat, burn some calories.  It'll be better tomorrow.  I feel it mostly when running and doing 'fast leg' type drills.  When I do high knees drills, I don't feel it at all.  Still think I'll be able to do some meaningful foundation workouts by next week, maybe by Friday.   141.7 lbs after workout.

One thing that made my night was meeting the Sewanee Tennis coach, John S., who was there walking the track.  I was finishing up, sweating, shirtless... we chatted about college DIII sports and Masters Athletics, about his philosophy and long career at Sewanee.  He asked me about my training and I told him of my upcoming events.  Then he said: "so, you compete in your age group, what 35-39?"

Heh... I shit you not. He said that. After telling him my age, I found out Coach John is one year my junior, almost 57.


  1. Hi, I love sprinting. Its helped my body and mind tremendously. I take L glutamine and other things to avoid DOMs, but occassionally my toe gets sore. Its the toe on the foot I boost out with.

    It might be arthritis I was told from doing too many pushups and having that toe bent back. Any thoughts on alleviating that or if its happened to anyone?

    I use Kratom for its analgesic properties and energy when it gets bad, but it really holds me back. Thoughts?

  2. I use Voltaren gel for foot pain and a foot massage machine. Seems to help.