Friday, June 8, 2018

pre race day shake out and thoughts

Very warm in Sewanee, mid 80ºs at midday and sunny.  Just went for a brief warmup and shake out.  Yesterday, when I got on the track and started running my warmup, was feeling achy but after drills and two hard long sprints, I walked away feeling great.   Funny how that works.

Today I noticed the feet a bit sore but everything ok.
Hoka trainers on 
warmup, stretches, drills, light resistance bands 
50m strider 
200m - 28.5 (14, 14.5)
I wanted to run the last 200m of my 400m race at a pace that would bring me a PR.  Now, if I only could do that after a 26 opening 200m, I'd be in business.  I ran just one, felt ok.

USATF GA Masters/Open Association meet
I decided to go to Rome, GA for this meet instead of the closer meet in Huntsville - the AL State Games.  My reasoning is that even though it is almost twice as far, it is a smaller meet, mainly open and masters, has just one or 2 heats of everything.  The Huntsville meet is an all ages meet and the last time I did it, there was sooo much waiting and standing around.

I have good competition from younger masters.  In the 400m, I have Karnell, who is arguably the fastest M50 man in the world, he ran 23.1 last week in the 200 and has run 11.3 in the 100 this season.  Crazy fast ... about my speed, when I was 18.  He has a legitimate chance to break the M50 400m WR tomorrow, my guess is he'll run at least 52 low, a WL, so I won't be seeing much of him.  It sure would be great if we both ran WL times in the same race.  Easier for me.   I have lane 3 and M48 David is in lane 6.  He ran 56 low last meet and has always been a bit faster than me, so to see him is good.  Lane 3 isn't too bad.  The last time I ran 55 outdoor, I did it from lane 2.   In the 200m, I'm in 5, David is in 6.  He ran 25 flat last week so it will be good to see him in front of me.  Weather looks ok, low 80ºs for the 400 and approaching 90º for the 200, 30% chance of showers, little wind.

The problem with this meet is that the 400m is scheduled for 10 am, which is 9 am my time and is 2 hrs away.  So to get to the track an hour early, I have to leave no later than 6 am, and be up to eat at 5am.  I guess I'll sleep well after it's over.

I ran pretty well last weekend, and it's hard to keep improving 3 weeks in a row, and one race does not make a season, so... I don't want to be too disappointed if I can't improve.  I haven't had long training cycles in between races.  However, I feel like I'm capable of improvement if I execute.  I was probably more fit and capable in my first Nationals in '11 but executed so poorly in the finals of both my 400 and 200, I finished out of the medals with substandard times.  So, it's more than just being fit.  Sometimes you hit it, sometimes you miss.

One thing is for sure, my weight is very good.  My diet has been really good.  Eating mostly fish and kimchi, which is a great combination as it passes through very quickly.   Also nuts/nut butters, water melon, blueberries, an occasional protein shake... and just started eating egg sandwiches and toast.  I sometimes have to force myself to eat because I am never hungry before at least mid afternoon.  Today, I'm 142.9 lbs after dinner.  Could I be stronger, lighter, faster?  Yes, and I intend to be.  It's an interesting hobby.

Waiting for that cloud to give me some shade

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