Sunday, June 24, 2018

more 800s

Back in Sewanee, 76º and very humid... but not as bad as FL.   Today was the first day the ham felt just about normal.  Only a slight tinge of soreness but it feels fine and will probably be able to sprint race-speed in a week and do tempo sprint intervals in a few days.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 800m - 2:31 (75/76), 2:35 (75/80) 
200m strider

Afterward, I got to the weight room and did a set of seated leg curl negatives, glute ham raises, and kettlebell swings.

I really hate 800s.  I really didn't want to run another after that first one.  But I did.  These were not all out efforts, but certainly hard effort.  Reminds me to not attempt an 800 race but then again, many of the world's top M55 400m runners are also top 800 guys.  There's a new US M55 guy, Peter,  who is one of the fastest M55 800m guys in the world (2:10) and has signed up for the 400m at Nationals.  He's got some serious foundation, having run a 17min+ in the 5k.  Big strong dude.

Anyway, I've weathered this injury pretty well.  I feel in good shape, the hills yesterday in FL gave my butt a good workout.  I really regret missing the TN Games because I thought I was really moving toward a peak, and the track where they held it, was just resurfaced a wonderful blue.  I also was worried Stan would run a faster time than I have run but no, he ran 57.27.... respectable but slower than my last 2 races.

Today, I reached a milestone:  first time under 140 lbs in possibly years139.7 lbs after workout.  I think this is due to both the good diet, low carbs, and the efficiency of my digestive system which quickly and efficiently processes food, and disposes of waste.  I credit my digestive health to eating more kimchi, a real great probiotic and a tasty side.

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