Monday, June 12, 2017

volume tempo

A repeat of the killer volume tempo that I've done just 2 times previously.   This time, it was in 90º heat.   Mid 80ºs and humid with a heat index in the low 90ºs at the Dean Hayes track near sunset.  I was glad to have my colleague Jacob, a distance runner join me in this hard workout.

It's not the volume or the speed that makes this a tough workout, it's the 3 min rest in between.   Not hard for a distance runner but a bitch for me.

Hoka trainers on 
400m warm up, stretches, drills 
600m, 600m, 400m, 400m w/ 3 min rest in between - 1:56, 1:59, 79, 78 
2 x 100m - gradual acceleration to full speed

This was slightly slower than the last time I did this about a year ago.  (Just 3 seconds total over the entire 2000m).  But, I got it done.   After a rest, running the 100s felt strong, especially the first one.

It's been a good hard last week of training, I hope it pays off.  I often think that at some point, I'll work my ass for nothing and still run slow.

144.5 lbs after workout, still a little heavy.  Probably because I've been eating too many starchy peas and beans.  Need to cut out those carbs and make salads or go with green beans.   Eating steamed vegetables and shrimp with garlic sauce tonight.  The rice that comes with it goes right in the garbage.  Instead, a piece of salmon.

I'm actually surprised to see that, even after the National Senior Games, my 400m time from over 3 months ago is still #1 in the world in M55, by over a second:

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