Thursday, June 8, 2017

Resistance / track talk

Feel like I'm rushing to get in shape with the TN State Games ... where I'll have competition if Stanley comes ... just 2 weeks away.   First meet in AL just 9 days away.   It occurs to me that I've run very few 400s this year, only 6 (not including Daegu prelims and Penn Relays).  Only 2 outdoors - both at Berry (55.79, 56.33).   Other than the first 400m of the season at MTSU and the Daegu prelims, my slowest was 56.66 indoors at the Crossplex.  I think I'd be hard pressed to even run that fast right now.  I may do a time trial soon though.

National Senior Games
I was surprised to see how competitive the National Senior Games were in my age group.  Two guys under 57, Stan won in 56.58.  Both were faster than the M50 winner.  (Stan is actually 54 but is counted by the silly Sr. Games rules as being M55 - his age at the end of the year).  I always regarded the Sr. Games as 'the minor leagues' but this year seems to be a good one, in some age groups.  Most remarkable to me was a W68 woman that ran a 74 in the 400m.  Charles Allie just moved up to M70 and his time was listed as a World Record in 58.48.   But, because of the stupid Senior Games age thing, Charles in not 70 now, but will be 70 at the end of the year.

Resistance work tonight.  Calves are still a bit sore from the stadium stairs yesterday.
2 x 50 w/ 320 lbs - glute machine  
1 x 30 hip flexors w/ 150 lbs 
1 x 15 squat jumps with 90 lbs 
1 x 15 glute ham raises 
1 x 25 w/ 170 lbs adductors 
1 x 80 steps with 10lb ankle weights - hanging ab straps

Back on the track tomorrow for some long speed work.   Could stand to lose a pound or two I think.  Starting to slim down and harden up.

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