Thursday, June 15, 2017

brief speed workout

Cool and foggy after the rain here in Sewanee.... 65º and damp.  Very quiet.  I wanted to do low volume and put the spikes on tonight but nothing at full speed.
Hoka trainers on  
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
3 x 60 accelerations 
Puma spikes on 
negative split 400m - 59.2  (30.5, 28.7) 45 sec rest / 100m - 15 
2 x 50m from blocks 
100m from blocks on the turn - 12.8 
200m from blocks - 26.2
Was a bit disappointed in my 400m.  Was expecting to run 58 (30/28).  It somewhat confirmed to me that the last 100m still feels hard whether I run the first 200m in 26 or in 29.  (SO, might as well run it in 26).  Anyway, I punished myself after the 400m by sprinting a 100m with 45 sec rest.   Still have work to do but I have been putting in the time.  5 of the last 7 days on the track.    When in shape, I once ran 3 x 400m at 57+ ... all under 58, (long rest).   Not there yet.  Maybe a tad over-trained this week, but it never seems enough.

The rest of the time, I just did technical work, practicing starts and getting into my float.  The last 200m was decent, felt ok.  It was just about where I should be at 400m race pace, around 26.   (I was 25.4 in Daegu at 200m).

Beginning to get down in weight.  Went to bed Tues night at 150.5.  Will go to bed tonight about 147.5.


  1. If I understood your entries correctly you were light or lighter before returning to training. What happened during training to increase weight?

  2. Toward the beginning of training last week in May, because I was light, I took license to eat a lot of bread and protein. Plus my parents were visiting and I went out to eat more. Also, I was eating a lot of beans and they seemed to be too starchy for me and put the weight on. I'd to think I've increased muscle mass but that doesn't seem to have yet helped my speed. Need more specificity (run faster in workouts).