Saturday, June 24, 2017

tempo 300s +

With my first 2 consecutive days off from the track in a while, I hit the track on beautiful evening in Sewanee, 73º and dry.  Much lower humidity.  Felt almost chilly driving with the windows down.  Nice for summer in the south.

Worked hard today, it was a ball buster.
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
4 x 300m w/ 2min rest - 47.5, 48, 50, 51.5 
400m negative split - 60.5  (31.5, 29) 
200m - 27.5 
2 x 150m hill sprints
Starting to get my race body back on.  These 300s were my fastest (4x300 w/ 2min) set since March 6, the last set I did before Korea.  (The 3/6 set averaged 49, today 49.3).  It was a real strong effort and it kicked my ass.  I kept asking myself, 'how bad do you want it?'

After nearly full rest, I ran a negative split 400m in about 60 and was surprised at how relatively easy it felt, not that it was 'easy', but it didn't hit me in the gut like the tempo 300s.  I tried out some fast running in a 200m where I accelerated to near full, but I backed off since the quad is not quite ready but well on it's way.  Certainly by the end of the week.

USATF Nationals just over 2 weeks away.
I have a renewed initiative since Corey, the M55 400m World Champion has entered Nationals.  He's the only M55 US guy to beat me since '15, so I'm happy to have a race in July.  He's a great competitor and will hopefully bring out the best in me.  It's on...

143.4 lbs after workout.

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