Sunday, June 18, 2017

AL State Games - meet report

It was pretty much a bust for me.   I had a sore quad going in and was a bit conservative in the 400m.  I ran a 56.99, finished strong and wasn't all that tired.  I thought my time would be better since I finished strong, but I guess my first 200m was too conservative.  It's about what I expected but, a half second faster would have been more encouraging.  I still have time before nationals to get my shit together.

I should have never run the 200m.   I had a sore quad going in and was a bit tentative.  After not a really good start, I felt a little pain in the opening acceleration and almost pulled up.  But I decided to run it to the end.  It felt terrible, not so much the quad, but my form and the race in general.   Very taxing to wait 4 hours in about 90º weather, and have to warm up a second time after a 400m.  Like I said, it was a bust.  Very slow time: 25.69.   Oe of my slowest 200s in my masters career.

I got back to Sewanee in time to get a weight workout in tonight.  Did quads, glutes, and abductors... and a lot of stretching.

One thing is for certain, when I'm confident in this quad, which I think I will be in a few days, I really need to start running fast.  50s to 150s.  Monday, I'll probably do my usual 4x 300 or something like that.  Maybe take more rest and run faster.

Next two weeks I'll be stuck training in the much hotter and humid lowlands of Murfreesboro.  Probably good since LSU will be like that.

Been more disciplined in my diet, weight is coming down.

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