Sunday, February 19, 2017

USATF Masters National Indoor Championships '17 - day three meet report

200M - Silver Medal 
With Don McGee and James Chinn
Well, I didn't mind so much, losing to the World Champion, Don ... whose time will likely stand as the season's fastest time in the world for the M55 200m, but it annoyed me to run slightly slower in the Finals (25.22) than in the Prelims (25.07) and way slower than I ran last year (24.65).   I think the difference is that this meet is earlier and I still have more work to do.   

Also, I gambled a bit in this race and maybe went out too hard, running blind in lane 5.  I false started and had to be cautious for the start on the second go around.  I was expecting Karl Smith, the Olympian to pass me on the back straight but he pulled up lame.  I never saw Don til mid way through the last turn, and wow did he take off.  He totally smoked me.

I was stunned at Don's performance.  We had always been close indoors, and after his slower prelim and complaints about his hamstring, I had no idea he had a 24.56 in him.   The way he accelerated toward the end of the second turn was pretty startling.  He had me by just a few meters at the end of the turn, then in the space of 20m, exploded to increase his lead by several meters.  He seemed to shut it down and just coast over the line.  Perhaps it was just me slowing down.  I didn't have the power I had yesterday off the turn.  Oh well, I know what I have to do in the next 3 weeks.

The weather looks awesome in TN the next few days but I'll take Monday off or just do some light resistance and stretching.  My feet are sore from the spikes so I'll look forward to the cushy trainers the next few weeks. 

I took a bunch of selfies with my 'track brothers and sisters.'  Look for that in my next post.  

Happy to have won a Gold and Silver.   World Championships 4 weeks away.

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