Saturday, February 11, 2017

Samford Open - meet report

Back on the Crossplex track today in a competitive college meet, 72 competitors in the 400m.


An improvement from last week, but .75 slower than I ran here last year, and .98 slower than 2 yrs ago.  Still an M55 World Lead and a time that would've won M55 Nationals every year since '13.  This was my fifth race in 3 yrs at this fine facility.  The other races were: 55.68, 55.91, 56.62, 56.69.   So, room for improvement, but I didn't taper at all for this meet... I worked out on Friday.  So, this... just another event run workout.

I've always been fortunate to have good lanes here, but not today: lane 2.  That definitely cost a few tenths.  When I ran 55.68, I had lane 5, which is my favorite.

I could see race clocks at 200m and 300m, and I think my splits were a tad shy of the 26/40 goal ... more like 26.2, 40.6... and my last 100m was fairly weak, probably 16ish.   

Perhaps by the time I get to Korea in March, I'll be back to the 55s.   This year, I really didn't have an off season except for Nov.   So, started late and the Nationals are early... so that may be the difference.   But, I think I could run sub 56 in NM.  

I'm planing to do some significant work Sun and Monday, light workout Tues, off Wed and Thursday.  400m Nationals on Friday.   Should be ready.

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  1. Good running. Best of luck for nationals - sub 56!