Saturday, February 4, 2017

MTSU Invitational - meet report

First 400m of the year, wasn't so great.  Small meet so I ran the 200m about an hour later.
400m - 57.56 / 200m - 25.62

Somewhat typical of a first 400m of the year, but pretty far behind where I was this time last yr, having dropped 2 sub 56's in Jan., '16.  

Normally, I'd be pretty discouraged by the times, but I did kind of play it safe in the 400 and sort of jogged across the finish, and was just too tired to run a great 200.  The track is tough.  Very hard and like a continuous circle.  Spikes on this hard tartan surface kind of sound like tap shoes.

I took 2 days off completely before this meet.  I'm glad I did since my hip pain has gone away.  Like I said, I'm not too discouraged because I feel pretty good physically and ready to bust out some hard training.   Thinking I may be able to train Sun - Wed, and race Sat.  

Life is good when I can race in a college meet just 5 min drive from my house, not get hurt, come home, eat delicious left over paella, and pack up to drive to my house on the mountain.

My weight is ok, about 144.0.

I do have a decision to make... do I drive 2.5 hrs to Birmingham to race on a nice banked Mondo like in Albuquerque, or do I save driving time and race on a 160m track in my home town?   Probably will go to Birmingham.   I like that track and it would be a better dress rehearsal for Nationals.

Think I'll start tomorrow with some strength: hill repeats.

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