Monday, February 15, 2016

worst weather workout

I got it in.  The heavy rain in Sewanee gave way to a light rain and I hit the track.   Thinking it would be a trickle, it was not.   A light rain driven by a biting wind in 37º temperatures felt more like a moderate rain.   I didn't even run my usual warmup lap, just sheltered from the wind under the bleachers, did my stretches, set my timer, whipped off my sweats, and went.   Only lane 6 was fully available because of snow still on the track.   The stiff wind up the homestretch made it difficult to run fast, but I got a 4x400 tempo workout done.
Saucony trainers on 
Stretches, drills 
4 x 400m w/ 2min rest - 73, 71, 74, 76
No fast times but it actually felt good (when it was over) and empowering.   No problem with my foot.  I didn't put a maximum effort in but it was what I needed after a weekend of eating bread and ice cream.   Not too much damage.  145.4 after workout.  The stiff wind and rain gave me an ear ache but it went away when I got warm.  

Did weights and 2 x 1000m at 4:00 min yesterday on the rower.  Going back tonight to do more.  I think the 500m rower sprints at 1:50 are a better over all workout.  Feel it more in the glutes.

miserable day

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  1. different area in glutes - glute area from rowing pretty much irrelevant for running. it is the system cross training response that is beneficial, i.e., increase in blood buffering capability, increased aerobic capacity, etcetera, best trained by slightly longer pieces (5 to 8 minutes). Always have some training one energy system up from target system. Higher aerobic capacity and blood buffering capability translates to sprint training in allowing higher quality track workouts, at least, that should be the goal (slightly faster intervals, slightly improved recovery from internals).