Friday, February 19, 2016

Pre race day

Out on the Dean Hayes track for a very light workout, sunny 62º but very windy.  I didn't want to do much but one event run and some 'starts.'
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Puma spikes on 
300m event run - 42 
With a very hard wind (15-20 mph sustained) blowing up the home stretch, 42 was all I could muster for a 300m race pace.  

Since I will lead off tomorrow at the Millrose Games in the Masters 4x400m for the GPTC, I practiced my standing start - since I know there will be a 'circus' waterfall start and I need to get out fast.   If SWS brings all their fast guys for another WR attempt (they set the WR last yr at this meet), I doubt I can beat their leadoff guy but maybe I can handoff to Ray in second.  I need to get out in the top 2 or 3 if not first.  

I found a way to get an effective start by putting my right hand down, left foot on the line.   But, the rules are foggy in this.   Randall, a USATF official for many years says I can start anyway I want as long as I'm behind the line.   Keith, MTSU track coach says you can't put your hand down for a waterfall start.  Well, I'm going to do it unless they tell me other wise... without blocks and lanes, it's already not in compliance with the USATF rules on 4x400m relays, so they should at least give us freedom to start the way we want.  It'll probably be a fast gun.

We race at around 1pm eastern, noon central.  Watch live on USATF TV.

The elites will be on at 4 pm eastern on NBC sports network.

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